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    Who are we?

    The cryptojager initiative.

    Cryptojager is founded by a team consisting of an experienced trader and young developers from the Amsterdam stock exchange who share a passion for cryptotrading.


    Why other platforms fall short.

    Currently there isn’t a place where traders can trade all the tokens and pairings available. Traders have to log-in to multiple exchanges, use different log-in credentials and authenticators to quickly check orders, make trades, or even to check their holdings. Furthermore most of the crypto exchanges don’t support different order types like traditional markets, so you’re stuck with just limit/market/stoploss orders. More importantly, because of the lack of global regulations on crypto-exchanges, there’s no assurance your order info will be treated confidentially, which makes retail traders easy targets.

    Why cryptojager?

    A cryptotrading solution that works.

    Cryptojager is designed to acces multiple exchanges on one easily operated platform. It allows traders to check holdings on multiple exchanges in a straightforward overview. Set your own triggerpoints and thus create your own conditions for your hidden orders. With integrated tradingview, all your trades and orders are visible in graphs and you’ll be able to buy/sell with one click. Most importantly; Cryptojager is secure and all your trading data will be stored on your own device.
    Explore all our other features and many more to come in our roadmap.